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KAATSU is a very safe, efficient, and effective form of strength training. It is a revolutionary method of exercise that was invented in Japan in 1966 and perfected through the 1970’s and uses the moderation of blood flow in the arms and legs in order to exercise effectively and efficiently. Our Specialised pneumatic belts (KAATSU Air Bands) are placed on the upper arms and upper legs that place a safe pressure on the limbs that leads to an engorgement of blood in the arms and legs. KAATSU training can be used by individuals in every sport and with every form of exercise. We recommend specific protocols and procedures for individuals whether they are training for performance, technique, fitness, or rehabilitation goals. KA means additional and ATSU means pressure in Japanese. KAATSU is supported by extensive research.


1973 at the age of 25, Dr Sato developed the details of KAATSU as it is currently practiced. At that time, on a ski trip, he fractured his ankle and damaged his ligaments around his knee. The injuries were diagnosed and the doctors told Sato that it would take 6 months to heal. With a plaster cast on, Sato rehabilitated himself with KAATSU Bands applied to his upper leg. He repeatedly applied KAATSU pressure on and off while doing isometric exercises for 30 seconds on and a few seconds off three times per day. The results of his regimen shocked his doctor when his muscles did not atrophy and he fully recovered within 6 weeks.

Use and Safety

KAATSU can induce a variety of beneficial effects such as increased muscle strength. This study reports on KAATSU training in Japan and the incidence of adverse events in the field. Information was obtained from KAATSU instructors in 105 facilities. Based on the survey results, 12,642 people (male 45.4% and female 54.6% across all generations including young (80 years old). The most popular purpose of KAATSU training is to strengthen muscle in athletes and to promote the health of subjects including the elderly. It has been also applied to various kinds of physical conditions, cerebrovascular diseases, orthopedic diseases, obesity, cardiac diseases, neuromuscular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and respiratory diseases in Japan. KAATSU is used with various types of exercise modalities (walking, cycling, and weight training) where most individuals do 5 – 30 minutes of KAATSU training per session, performing KAATSU 1-3 times per week


When KAATSU Bands are applied correctly (proper position and pressure), arterial in-flow is restricted, deep venous out-flow is impeded, and the capillary-venous space becomes distended and congested in the muscle distal to the KAATSU Bands. Muscle contraction under these conditions of restricted and impeded blood flow and congested vascular space, uses up intracellular phosphates energy stores and oxygen at a rate greater than the circulation can replenish them. Metabolic waste products accumulate. Homeostasis in the active muscle is lost. Consequently, as the tissue becomes more hypoxic and energy stores depleted, anaerobic glycolysis attempts to compensate by increasing its rate, which produces some ATP, but also produces a marked disturbance in muscle homeostasis, ultimately raising intracellular, interstitial and blood lactic acid concentrations. Hypoxia, acidosis, lactate ion per se, inorganic phosphate, AMP and many other local factors have been shown to turn on transcription and thus, protein synthesis in muscle cells. This is the so-called “local effect” of KAATSU that results in stimulation of muscle, tendon and vascular growth.

KAATSU is safely and effectively used by athletes and non-athletes of every age, ability and background in Asia, Europe and the Americas in order to gain muscular strength, increase range of motion, and enhance sports performance. Its products are used by Japanese, Chinese, and American Olympic gold medalists and world champions, professional athletes, collegiate student-athletes, high school athletes, military personnel, and individuals from all walks of life ranging between 4 and 104 years

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Our team has worked in Professional sport and physiotherapy for many years including Premiership football and Formula 1. We have teamed up with Kaatsu to bring you the safe and accurate way to perform blood flow restriction training in the UK and Ireland. This method has been used and perfected since the 60's in Japan and has shown to have amazing results across not only professional sport but also in personal training and general rehabilitation

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